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About School Meals

All food and beverages in the school cafe's meet state and federal nutrition requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students. Reimbursable meals as well as a la carte items are available on a daily basis to students.

Our lunches are planned to provide nutrition to fuel growing bodies while providing foods that appeal to each age group.

In the K-12 buildings we utilize offer vs serve.  Students are offered item/components, but they are not required to take all of the items/components.  

At Breakfast, four items are offered each day.

1. Meat/Meat Alternative          2. Fruit         3. Grains/bread     4. Milk

Students are offered all four items.  They must take three of the four items (one being a 1/2 cup of fruit) to qualify for a reimbursable meal.

At lunch, five components are offered each day.   

1. Meat/Meat Alternative          2.Fruit          3.Vegetable          4.Grains/bread           5.Milk  

Students are offered all five components. They must take three of the five offered components (one being a 1/2 cup fruit or vegetable) to qualify for a reimbursable meal.



School Meal Prices

Elementary School Prices Secondary Meal Prices Secondary Schools:
Elementary Breakfast: No Charge Secondary Breakfast:  No Charge Mason Middle School
Elementary Lunch: No Charge Secondary Lunch: No Charge Pierce Middle School
Super Lunch Item: $1.25 Super Lunch Item: $1.25 Kettering High School
Milk Only: $.50 Milk Only: $.50 Mott High School
    Durant High School